DESCRIPTION : “突然ですが、皆さんの職場には綺麗なお姉さんはいますか?よその会社に行くと受付などにムラムラせずにはいられない女性っていますよね。今回はそんな女性を撮影でました!名前はさき(仮)仕事は某銀○で働く銀○員です。えっこんな子が?と思ってしまうほどの美人さんです。本編では話していませんが、日々、他人の足をひっぱたりする事が日常的に行われているので職場絡み関係では絶対に飲みにいったりもしないそうです。美人なので男が日照り状態なんでかわいそうですね。。 ホテルの部屋中に何とも言えないイイオンナを思わせる香水の匂いが。これだげで抜けそうな勢いですw””All of a sudden, do you have a beautiful older lady at your workplace? When you go to a different company, there are women at the reception desk that you can’t help but get horny for. This time, I photographed one such woman! Her name is Saki (tentative) and she works at a certain bank. What kind of girl is this? She is so beautiful that you might think, “”What kind of girl is this? Although she doesn’t talk about it in the film, she says that she doesn’t go out for drinks in the workplace because she is always pulling other people’s legs. I feel sorry for her because she is so beautiful that men are in short supply. The whole hotel room smelled like an indescribable perfume reminiscent of Iona. I feel like I’m going to fall out of love with her just because of this.”

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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