ACTRESS : 音羽文子

DESCRIPTION : 夫は一流企業の部長、豪邸で何不自由なく暮らし、英会話教室を細々とやっている文子。不満があるとすれば、夫の海外出張で寂しい日々を送っていることぐらいか。ある日マッサージ師を自宅に呼び、施術を受けている最中、そのまま襲われてしまう夢を見た文子。その興奮が冷めずに自ら彼を誘い、SEX漬けの日々が始まる…Fumiko’s husband is the general manager of a prestigious company, and she lives in a luxurious house without any inconvenience, whilst running a small English conversation class. If she has any complaints, it is that she is lonely because of her husband’s business trips abroad. One day, Fumiko calls a masseuse to her home, and while she is being treated, things take a sexy turn. Unable to get over her excitement, she invites him to come over again and their sex-filled days begin…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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