DESCRIPTION : 動画撮影OKの上野のデリヘルでランキング上位の人気嬢を呼んでみた。玄関開ける所からビデオを回して余すとこなく全てを記録!現れたのは気品あふれる色気たっぷりの大人のお姉さん。おしとやかで優しい性格でリピート多数の人気嬢だとすぐわかるレベルの高い女でした。なにやら彼氏がいるそうで指には指輪が付いていました。性欲は強いのに彼氏が全然構ってくれないみたいで性欲発散の為にこの仕事を始めたようです(笑)始めてもうすぐ半年になるそうだがまだ彼氏にはバレてないとの事・・・なんだか背徳感にかられる逆に興奮しちゃいました。根がスケベということもありプレーは丁寧で献身的ですべて受け入れてくれます。欲求不満だからオイラのお肉棒もすんなり生で受け入れてくれます。締まりの良い良質なマ○コでした。色々サービスして気持ちよくしてくれた彼女には悪いけどお小遣い稼ぎたいんで動画流しちゃいます!バレたら即回収なのでご観賞はお早めに!We called a top-ranked and popular girl at a delicatessen in Ueno, where video recording is allowed. We recorded everything from the moment she opened the door to the moment we turned on the video! The woman who appeared was a mature lady with a lot of elegance and sex appeal. She had a gentle and kind personality, and it was easy to tell that she was a popular girl with many repeat customers. She had a ring on her ring finger. She has a strong sexual desire, but her boyfriend doesn’t seem to care about her at all, so she started this job to release her sexual desire (laugh). She is a dirty girl at heart, so her play is polite and devoted, and she accepts everything I do. He is so frustrated that he readily accepts my cock raw. Her pussy was tight and of good quality. I’m sorry to say that she made me feel so good by giving me a lot of services, but I want to make some extra money, so I’m going to release the video! If she finds out, we will take it back immediately, so please watch it as soon as possible!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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