ACTRESS : 横宮七海

DESCRIPTION : 結婚して人妻になった元カノ「七海」とは今も付き合いは続いていた。僕の彼女とも友達だし、既に過去の事だと割り切っていると思っていた。しかし、不意打ちでされた突然の接吻で恋心は再燃し始まる秘密の中出し性交!恋人への罪悪感も忘れただガムシャラに求め合った誰にも言えない禁断の3日間!I was still in a relationship with my ex-girlfriend “Nanami,” who was married and became a married woman. I thought she and my girlfriend were friends and had already put it behind them. However, a surprise kiss rekindles my love for her, and we begin a secret sexual intercourse! They forget the guilt they feel toward their lover, and they go gaga over each other for three forbidden days that they can’t tell anyone about!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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