DESCRIPTION : いつもハーフに間違えられるRyoクンは何よりもオナニーが大好き、撮影が始まる前からシコシコ…彼の引き締まったボディを愛撫する男も現れ快楽は頂点に!チンポをチュパチュパしてくれた男に同じく濃厚なフェラでご奉仕。最後はブリッジ状態で自らチンポをシゴき、精子を勢いよく天に向かって飛ばしました!Ryo、 who is always mistaken for a person of mixed ethnicities、 loves to masturbate more than anything else. Even before the shoot starts、 his hands and moving up and down、 up and down… A man shows up to caress his tight body、 the pleasure in the room reaching its peak. Ryo gets sucked off、 and Ryo promptly returns the favor with a passionate blowjob service. We end in bridge position、 with everyone stroking their own cock、 letting cum fly up to the heavens.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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