DESCRIPTION : 成長中の若々しいボディ、色白で美肌のKEN君…さらさらヘアーの爽やかボーイ。野外でおもむろに服を脱ぎだしますが、誰か来やしないかとハラハラ!更に現れた男とチンポのシゴき合い…車通りの少ない場所のようですが、それでも道路の真ん中で激しい淫行をやってのける、只ならぬエッチ青年です!He has a youthful body that’s still growing、 a fair complexion and beautiful skin. Ken is a refreshing boy with smooth hair. He starts to take off his clothes in the open air、 but he’s worried that someone might come. A man shows up and they start stroking each other’s cocks… It seems like there’s not a lot of traffic in the area、 but he’s still a very naughty young man who’s being a nice little slut in the middle of the road!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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