DESCRIPTION : ターゲットは東北美人女子大生!小悪魔系ビッチののぞみさんは大量潮吹き!最初はSキャラかと思ったりょうこさんは押せば押すほどドM体質で出されたチ●コにうっとり!就職が決まってウキウキしていたひかりさんは性欲が凄かった!幼顔のさりなさんは脱いだらスタイル抜群でぷるんぷるんに揺れまくるオッパイがエロかった!ホテルに連れ込み地方のイマドキ女子大生の痴態を激撮した!Today’s target: beautiful college chicks from the Northeast!Little miss Nozomi is an impish slut that loves to squirt all over the place!You would think miss Ryoko is an “A type、” but the more you push her、 the more dominant she became and spellbound by the cock in front of her!Miss Hikari is ecstatic about recently finding a job、 and has a humongous sex drive!The baby-faced miss Sarina took off her clothes、 and underneath we found amazing style、 with her tits shaking in the most erotic of ways.We took great pride in putting a shoot together to capture the party at a hotel with chicks from the local college.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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