DESCRIPTION : Oh、 My Buddha! Check out 20 yr old Jun with her beautiful dark-skinned body and BIG、 dark-nippled titties. Sometimes I amaze even myself. How I can get an Asian girl this hot to fuck on film is beyond my comprehension、 but I never question it! Can you say Nom Yai? This girl is a fantasy cum true and I’ll tell you why. Halfway through my fuck session with this amazing fuck doll、 she looks up from sucking my cock and says Wanna Fuck Me In My Ass? I was like、 hell yes I do! Turns out、 this is the longest video I have ever filmed with any model because it wasn’t planned、 but I wasn’t going to let this Thai goddess slip away until I fucked all three of her holes before finally blasting the biggest load ever deep inside her pussy.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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