DESCRIPTION : 爽やか青年太郎君は、家ではよく自慰行為をするそうです。恥ずかしそうに「でもオナニーすると早漏なんです!」と漏らす可愛らしい一面もうかがえます。男に乳首を愛撫されチンポを扱かれると思わず淫声を漏らす太郎君。最後は自ら扱いて爽快に白濁液を大噴射!Taro、 a refreshing young man、 says he masturbates at home very often. He says embarrassingly、 “but when I masturbate、 I cum pretty quick!” – how cute is that? When a man comes to caress his nipples and stroke his cock、 Taro can’t help but to let out a whimper. At the end、 he strokes his cock himself and sprays hit hot white cum all over the place!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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