DESCRIPTION : Skinny girls with bubble butts…Yes、 that’s what I’m all about. This braced-faced Asian teen doll weighs just under 90 pounds and she has this crazy bubble butt and an arch that enhances her ass even more. Her name is Pinny and she’s a cool chick. She’s sort of a rebel chick in the sense that she generally dresses like a boy and she’s hard to get in the sack. It takes weeks of chasing and pleading with this girl to make a video with me. Finally though、 when she does succumb to my pitiful attempts at seduction、 it’s completely worth all the effort. Pinny will let me fuck her little body anyway I want. But with that ass、 it seems like I’m always hitting it from behind. Today was brilliant though because young Pinny was reverse-cowgirl riding me and that little bubble ass was just going up and down and I couldn’t hold back. I finally unleashed all my conception-driven sperm deep inside her pussy. She lifted up slowly and it all leaked out. What do you think of this scene? Pinny for your thoughts

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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