ACTRESS : Bussaba

DESCRIPTION : Ahhhhh、 sweet sweet Bussaba….my gorgeous teen dream girl. I’d been banging Bussaba for a couple months、 calling her over to my apartment whenever my balls needed draining. She was always eager to serve me with a nice、 slow blowjob and she’d let me cum inside her as much as I wanted. Such a great female!Well、 I finally decided to take it up a notch and take our relationship to the next level. Sure she could suck cock、 sure she could provide a warm、 wet hole for me to dump my sperm into、 but could she take the next step as a woman and serve me in a way that all good women should? Could she be my next Bangmaid? I was about to find out!Although I knew her pretty well at this point、 I still needed to conduct an official “interview”、 so to speak. So I made my sexy little flower dress in a skimpy maid outfit and parade around my house sweeping and scrubbing. I knew she could handle my cock、 but could she handle a broom? Well my friends、 Bussaba didn’t disappoint.Watching the little slut sweep the floor in such a skimpy outfit got me hard as a rock. What a perfect body! Tiny thin waist、 perfectly symmetrical budding breasts、 and wide fecund hips with a round juicy bubblebutt. Her body just screamed “Breed Me!” And so I knew that’s what I had to do.I instructed the little whore to drop to her knees and start sucking、 and she did so without hesitation. I’d been training her very well and she knew to clear her head of all thoughts and to focus exclusively on sucking slowly and deeply. I grabbed her hair by the back of her head and fucked her empty head cavity for about five or ten minutes and it felt heavenly!As good as Bussaba’s throat felt、 I needed to move on to what I really wanted: her tiny、 perfectly smooth teen twat. Sliding my 9-inch cock into her barely legal beaver was heaven on earth. Even after two months of constant fucking、 it was still tight as a glove. I could tell that she was in pain every time we banged、 and this turned me on even more. Sexual pleasure exists for the man、 not the woman. Although Bussaba’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch、 she’s smart enough to understand that basic concept. I loved watching her wince in pain while I was ravishing her fresh teen fuckholes….so hot! And she barely made any sounds、 silently and stoically taking the brutal pounding. She was so skinny that when I thrust my cock inside her I could see her stomach bulge from the size. It was really sexy. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls that told me it was time to unload、 so I placed the pretty prostitute on the table and started thrusting away、 finally unleashing an eruption of hot white cum deep in her beautiful unguarded pussy. Did I knock her up? Only time will tell. But I certainly hope so! A girl this hot and this young has a whole decade of breeding ahead of her. Trust me guys、 I’m going to try and make her a happy mommy….I want an entire litter!

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