ACTRESS : 佳苗るか

DESCRIPTION : 浮気ばっかりする*癖の悪い親父と同居する俺が親父が家に女を連れ込みヤッていた。俺はどんな女かと思い、様子を見ると今までの女とは別人の黒髪の美女であった。その女はヤラレながら俺と視線を合わせたのであった。その声を聞きながら俺は我慢できずに何度も自慰行為に耽ったのであった。すると女は同僚の目を盗み、俺を誘惑してきた。I’m living with my father、 who has a bad drinking habit and is constantly cheating on mom、 and he brings a woman into the house and has sex with her. I wondered what kind of woman she was、 and when I looked at her、 I saw that she was a different person from the ones I had seen before、 a beautiful woman with black hair. The woman looked at me as she fucked. As I listened to her voice、 I couldn’t resist jerking off over and over. Then the woman stole a glance from her colleague and seduced me.

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