ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : 今回のナンパ隊は静岡に出現!地元の女子大生さんに狙いを定め、何度イっても止めないデカチン連続ピストンでイカせまくってきちゃいました!彼氏のふにゃチンで普段満足できてないのか?初めて間近で見るギン立ちデカチンに興味チンチン!「きつい〜無理ぃ〜!」と言いながらガッツリ咥えてイク素人女子大生のエロマ○コ!This time、 the pick-up crew goes to Shizuoka! We targeted a local college girl and made her cum with a series of big dick pistons that wouldn’t stop no matter how many times she came! I’m sure she’s not satisfied with her boyfriend’s limp cock now. She’s really interested in looking at the huge cock up real close. I can’t do it、 it’s too tight! She takes the whole cock in her tight pussy and goes over the peak of her pleasure!

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