ACTRESS : オムニバス

DESCRIPTION : 生粋のセレブ街『日本橋』でナンパ!上品に見えても清楚な顔に隠された貪欲な性欲。お金も地位も名誉も手に入れた奥さまなのに、初めて会ったオトコのチ○ポでイキ狂う!倦怠期の人妻はいつでもとろとろマ○コの発情期!狂おしいほどの連続絶頂で下品にイキまくる。Picking up girls in the genuine celebrity town Nihonbashi! She’s got the money、 the status、 the honor、 but she’s got an insatiable appetite for sex hidden in her innocent face、 and she’s still going crazy over a guy’s dick she’s never met before! A married woman who is tired of her life is always in heat with her throbbing pussy! She writhes in pleasure as she cums over and over again.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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