ACTRESS : 星乃マミ

DESCRIPTION : まみ21歳独身。東京都の某市役所の事務員。実際に普段着ている制服を着てもらったんですが、おっぱいのところのボタンが弾けそうでした。話し方も雰囲気も派手さもなく落ち着いた感じでむしろ地味で色気のない素人って感じ。ぽっちゃり爆乳の松岡○優っぽい感じがしました。今は彼氏もいないので週に4回ほどオナニーやっちゃってます。女の子が責められるエロ漫画で妄想を爆発させているらしい…ストレス溜まってますね〜。Mami is 21 years old and single. She is a clerk at a certain city hall in Tokyo. I asked her to wear the uniform that she usually wears、 and the buttons on her boobs looked like they were going to pop. The way she spoke and the atmosphere was not flashy and calm、 but rather plain and unromantic. I felt like Yu Matsuoka with her chubby big breasts. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment、 so I masturbate about four times a week. I’ve heard that she explodes her fantasies with erotic manga in which girls are blamed…she’s so stressed out!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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