ACTRESS : 藤白桃羽

DESCRIPTION : 肉々しいカラダにいやらしいコスチュームを着衣し日常を過ごす主婦の桃羽。常にオチンポを欲しがり昼夜を問わず夫とセックス三昧。そんなオチンポ好きの妻は夫の客人にも手を出す始末!私がご奉仕しますとフェラやパイズリでおもてなし!性欲絶倫妻の欲求はエスカレートしてゆく…。Momoha is a housewife who spends her daily life wearing a sexy costume on her shapely body. She is always on the lookout for a cock and has sex with her husband day and night. This cock-hungry wife even gets involved with her husband’s guests! She says she’ll serve them、 and treats them to blowjobs and titties! The wife’s desire for sex escalates…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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