ACTRESS : 雨宮真貴

DESCRIPTION : 美人でスタイルバツグン、明るく爽やか。理想の奥様と近所でも評判の真貴。夫は単身赴任中のため、自宅で得意なパソコンの講師をしている。でも独り身の侘しさ・・・その美貌の奥に隠された性欲は収まりがつかず、その発散相手を欲しがっているのだった。土曜の昼下がり、新しい生徒がやってきた。ちょっといい男。真貴は淫らな欲望が生じて男を誘惑する。すぐに一線を越えてしまう2人。翌日、男は友達も連れてきて真貴との秘密の性のレッスンに夢中になる。肝心のパソコンの習得はというと、もちろん後回し・・・。She is beautiful、 has a great style、 and is bright and fresh. Maki has a reputation in her neighborhood as the ideal wife. Her husband is on assignment、 so she works as a computer instructor at home. But the shabbiness of being single… The sexual desire hidden behind her good looks won’t let up、 and she wants someone to vent it on. On a Saturday afternoon、 a new student arrives. He’s a nice guy. Maki’s lustful desire arises and she seduces him. The two soon cross the line. The next day、 the man brings his friends along and becomes obsessed with secret sex lessons with Maki. The important thing is to learn how to use a computer、 but of course、 that comes later…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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