ACTRESS : 水川スミレ

DESCRIPTION : むせ返るほど暑く寝苦しい、夏の夜に巻き起こる不義の痴態。失業して、失念していた「シゲル」はふいに、息子の嫁、「スミレ」と禁断の肉体関係を結んでしまった。いけない関係に最初拒んでいたスミレも、いつしか、自ら求めて快楽に堕ちていく様になってしまう。息子の嫁が孕むまで中出しし続ける…。Nao、 a housewife who has been married for three years、 has been living a comfortable life、 but she is frustrated because her husband has male dysfunction. One day、 while cleaning the house、 she noticed that a young man who had moved into the house across the street was spying on her. Secretly fond of him、 she seduces him and soon finds herself drowning in his attractive young body…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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