ACTRESS : くるみちゃん

DESCRIPTION : この前まで彼氏とイチャラブ状態拡散中だったGカップ女子大生のくるみちゃん。ぱったり呟かなくなったアカウントにDM送ってみたら返事が来たので紳士的に振舞うと、瞬コロで即日アポGET! 大人の悪い心付けで気分をアゲて、ホテルへ直行! コツは、同年代では出せない大人の余裕と優しさ。傷心につけこんで色白JDの爆乳を揉みまくり舐めまくり、元カレとは経験がないというプレイでさんざん弄んで、生ハメでガン突きしながらアヘ顔激写!Kurumi is a G-cup college student who was in a lovey-dovey situation with her boyfriend until recently. When I sent a DM to her account、 she responded、 so I acted like a gentleman and got an appointment with her on the same day! The trick is to have a sense of composure and gentleness that you can’t get from someone your own age. Taking advantage of her broken heart、 she rubs and licks her pale JD’s big tits、 plays with her ex-boyfriend in a game she says she has no experience with、 and takes pictures of her goofy face while getting fucked raw and penetrated!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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