ACTRESS : 佐々木あき

DESCRIPTION : 夫は単身赴任。家長不在でもしっかりと家を守り子育てに励む「あき」だったが、学生の一人息子が初めて友達を連れてきたことによって、今まで沈んでいたあきの性欲に火がついてしまう…。ダメだとわかっていても身体が勝手に誘惑し、本能のまま子種をせがみ、ついには雌となって情欲の沼へ堕ちてゆく…。Her husband has moved out on his own. However、 when her only son、 a student、 brings a friend to the house for the first time、 Aki’s dormant sexual desire is ignited. Even though she knows she shouldn’t、 her body seduces her on its own、 and she begs him to have a baby with her instincts、 finally becoming a female and falling into a swamp of lust…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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