ACTRESS : 三原ほのか

DESCRIPTION : この前、パートで入った地味な奥さんが意外と良い体をしていた。こまめに声を掛けてあげたら、本気で好きになられた。化粧気の無い、自信無さげな見た目とは裏腹に、自信満々に主張してくるとんでもないデカパイ。見るからにドMっぽかったのでジラし責めを繰り返すとマンコは案の定、大洪水。もっと強烈な変態プレイを欲しがったので、日本未上陸の媚*を大量に摂取させ、ガンギマったところで緊縛SM、絶頂痙攣失神寸前のマンコにドップリ中出し。「店内カースト」の頂点に君臨する者の身勝手SEX、変態調教業務日報。The last time I was there、 a modest wife who joined me part-time had a surprisingly good body. I talked to her frequently、 and she really liked me. In spite of her make-up free and unconfident appearance、 she had a ridiculously large pair of breasts that she claimed with full confidence. Because it seemed to be a dominatrix from the way of seeing、 the cunt is a big flood as expected when I repeat whirling blame. Because she wanted more intense perverted play、 I made her take the aphrodisiac medicine which had not landed in Japan with a sense of overdose. The selfish sex of the person who reigns at the top of the caste in the shop、 the perverted training business daily report.

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