DESCRIPTION : アメリカと日本のハーフ人妻。初体験の相手と結婚したけれど旦那の浮気に気づき、当て付けで不倫セックス。勢いでディープキス。経験人数自体は1人なので恥ずかしくて顔も体も火照っている。ブラジャーをめくるとこぼれ落ちてくる巨乳。白人を引いているので真っ白な肌とピンク色の乳首が悩ましく光る。アソコも綺麗なサーモンピンクが濡れ光ってる。久々のチ●ポの快感に真っ赤になって喘ぐ奥様。この日のために1ヶ月溜めたザーメンがマ●コの中に出されます。A half American, half Japanese married woman. She married the man she had her first experience with, but when she found out her husband was having an affair, she decided to have an affair on him. They kissed deeply in an excited stupor. She is embarrassed because she has only one experience, and her face and body are on fire from the excitement. Her big tits spill out when she pulls up her bra. She is of Caucasian descent, so her pure white skin and pink nipples shine with lewdness. Her vagina is also a beautiful salmon pink, glistening wet. The Mistress is panting as she turns red from the pleasure of a dick she hasn’t had in a while. The cum that she has accumulated for a month for this day is served in her pussy.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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